Waffle Mattress Overlay

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Product Details

Part Number: WS-E0197

Recommended Use: Long Term Care and Home Care. Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment

The Waffle Mattress Overlay w/pump is made to go right on top of your existing mattress. The air overlay cradles the body, providing protection and treatment for pressure ulcers. It is also recommended for pain management. The Waffle Mattress Overlay is easy to transport, cleans with soap and water and is extremely comfortable. This product features a patented design to eliminate 'bottoming out', and air vents to dissipate heat and moisture, and a low profile design for greater stability and patient safety. A Waffle hand pump accompanies the overlay to ensure precise inflation.

Minimum criteria for coverage under Medicare guidelines is complete immobility, limited mobility with poor nutrition, decreased circulation, or any Stage I or Stage II pressure ulcer on the trunk of the body.

Contact Wound Solutions if patient fits above criteria.

Technical Specifications

Flex-O-Seal design.
Cost Effective - Delivers pressure relief for pennies a day
Static Air Technology - prevents and heals pressure ulcers
Air Passage Vents - Allow for circulation and heat and moisture dissipation
Easy to Use - Easily inflates with non-electrical pump
Safe and Secure - The low profile mattress design provides patient safety and adjustable straps secures and centers mattress to the bed
Versatile - Hand wells allow for easy log rolling and transferring patients up to 600lbs

Medicare Code: E0197 (twin size only)

Three month warranty from date of delivery.