Lateral Rotation Support Surface

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Product Details

This product is designed specifically for immobile, respiratory/compromised patients.

The microprocessor controlled blower unit features up to a 40 degree "full turn", and a "right turn" mode of rotation. These rotation modes have a minimum cycle time of three minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. The "turn and hold" feature allows the caregiver to rotate the patient to the left or right to help administer the patient. Additional features include:

"Static" for stationary low air loss therapy
"Fowler" to boost seat inflation when the head is elevated
"Auto Firm" for rapid inflation and easy patient transfer
"Lockout" to maintain caregiver settings without accidental interruptions
"Low Pressure" and "Power Failure" audible/visual alarms
"Self Diagnostic Check" to quickly assess all switches and sensors for proper calibration and operation.

Technical Specifications

Full body lateral rotation

Variable rotation cycle times from 3 - 90 minutes

Turn and hold feature