Deluxe Podus Boot

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Product Details

Part Number: WS-6147SM (Small)
Part Number: WS-6147ML (Medium/Large)
Part Number: WS-6148SM (Small w/walking sole)
Part Number: WS-6148ML (Medium/large w/walking sole)

Recommendation Use: Patients at risk for plantar fasciatis, foot drop, hip rotation and decubitus heel ulcers.

Multi-purpose foot boot helps in the healing and prevention of heel and toe ulcers and safeguards against plantar flexion contractures.

Technical Specifications

HCPIC L4396.

Machine washable liners made from moisture absorbing Orthowick® to help keep skin dry.
Polymer splint can accommodate up to 45-degrees of plantar flexion.
Large heel cavity helps keep heel isolated.
Detachable toe post securely held in place by two mounting points.
The anti-rotation bar locks in place and easily stores when not in use.
The optional ambulation sole easily attaches without tools.

This product is a Medicare covered product if patient fits Medicare criteria. Criteria includes plantar fasciatis and/or foot drop.

Speak to your health care provider regarding doctors orders if you fit above criteria.