Arterial Pump

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Product Details

Part Number: WS-

The arterial compression pump (Medicare reimbursement code EO675) is designed to provide advanced technology for patients with insufficient blood flow to the lower extremities. The device applies compression to the foot and calf sequentially through sleeve garments to empty the veins in the legs and feet, permitting an increase in blood flow.

Many patients including those with diabetes depend on this device to reduce uncomfortable swelling and prevent ulcers related to small vessel and peripheral arterial diseases and diabetic foot. Without proper blood flow, these ulcers can lead to limb amputation.

Technical Specifications

Key Features:

User Friendly: LCD screen with easy setup interface
Patient Comfort: Quiet, rapid compression is delivered to the limbs to reduce swelling and increase mobility
Convenience: Approved for use by patients inside the home
Adjustable Therapy Time: Choose from 5 – 180 minutes of therapy, based on prescription