Sapphire 3 Cell Alternating Pressure Mattress

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Product Details

This 3-cell, alternating, full mattress replacement is ideal for patients at high risk for developing wounds or for a patient with existing pressure ulcers. It is designed with a unique one in three alternation to maximize pressure elimination and increased blood flow.

This product features high strength air cells, which are vented to provide low air loss therapy, as well as alternating therapy. Low air loss helps keep the patient dry and comfortable whether in alternation or static modes of operation. The air cells rest on a 2" covered foam safety pad for added patient protection during power outages or patient transfer. The quilted top cover is water proof, highly vapor permeable and completely machine washable. The system fits on most standard medical bed frames.

The alternating cycle time can be adjusted from 3 - 20 minutes in increments of one minute.
Additional features include:

"Static" for stationary low air loss therapy
"Fowler" to boost seat inflation when the head is elevated
"Auto Firm" for rapid inflation and easy patient transfer
"Lockout" to maintain caregiver settings without accidental interruptions
"Low Pressure" and "Power Failure" audible/visual alarms
"Self Diagnostic Check" to quickly assess all switches and sensors for proper calibration and operation.

Technical Specifications

Low pressure/power failure audible and visual alarms

Alternating cycle time adjusts from 3 - 20 minutes

22 individual 8" high strength air cushions

Waterproof and vapor permeable top cover provides low friction and low shear

Dual modes of therapy are low air loss and alternating low air loss