Legacy 2 Cell Alternating Pressure Mattress

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Product Details

Legacy - this full mattress replacement, alternating pressure mattress is ideal for patients at medium risk for developing wounds. It is also ideal for prevention of possible pressure ulcers. This product provides a gentle 2 to 1 alternating action to maximize patient rehabilitation, comfort, and tranquility.

Power unit attaches to the foot board of most hospital beds. The alternating cycle time is 10 minutes.

A durable mattress containment holds 22 individual air cells. The mattress is covered with a quilted nylon comforter specifically designed to prevent friction and shear.

Technical Specifications

Low Pressure/normal pressure indicator lights

Alternating Pressure

22 individual 8" high strength air cushions

Waterproof and vapor permeable top cover provides low friciton and low shear

Adjustable pressure settings